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Voodoo SMS is a bulk SMS platform that allows you to send and receive SMS from a dedicated portal or API. Our Zendesk integration allows you to reply to your support tickets via SMS and continue the chat using your phone!DOWNLOAD

Send SMS Text Messages from Zendesk

Voodoo SMS offers Zendesk Integration for Bulk SMS Software

Voodoo SMS has a free Zendesk app which has the ability to perform various actions when text messages have been sent.

When your customer raises a support ticket you will have the option to Respond to urgent enquiries faster via SMS by integrating Zendesk with your Voodoo SMS account and allow Zendesk to send SMS messages directly to the customer’s phone, from there they can respond to the text, and they won’t need to log in to their account or check their emails.

Main Features

  • Here're some benefits and how the proprietary Voodoo SMS Extension can revolutionize your customer service system
  • Customizable and automated ticket management
  • White label web interface for your branding
  • Multiple support streams, such as, email, web, phone, chat
  • Rich reporting and comprehensive analytics
  • Setting up predefined responses to queries
  • Analysing your responses with built-in reporting

How It works

  • Have a Voodoo SMS Account
  • Generated an API key
  • Purchased a Virtual Mobile Number
  • Create Your Zendesk Login API
  • Zendesk Install & integration
  • Choose Your triggers
  • Set up your triggers
  • Set up your pre-defined messages
  1. Have a Voodoo SMS Account
  2. Generated an API key
  3. Purchased a Virtual Mobile Number
  4. Create Your Zendesk Login API
  5. Zendesk Install & integration
  6. Choose Your triggers
  7. Set up your triggers
  8. Set up your pre-defined messages

Why Use Voodoo SMS

  • Resolve urgent enquiries faster
  • provide a higher level of customer support.
  • simple and easy to use
  • comprehensive custom reports, and flexible data visualizations
  • cost effective free app no hidden charges