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    Bulk Text Message for Business

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    Bulk SMS can be used for sending out the latest promotions and offers to your customers.

    • Improves customer conversion rate
    • Cost effective - lowers cost per acquisition (CPA)
    • Read by customers within seconds
    • More engaging than an email


    Bulk SMS can easily be integrated with your CRM or eCommerce platform to keep your customers and stakeholders fully informed on the status of their transaction or order.

    • Real-time interaction
    • Keeps customers better informed
    • Reduce your business costs (e.g. cost of re-delivery)
    • Streamline your business (e.g. no missed appointments)
    • Simple API integration


    Bulk SMS is the best way to simultaneously send one or multiple messages to a large group of contacts.

    • Much higher delivery rates than emails
    • Important information will be read more quickly
    • Keeps stakeholders informed
    • Create different groups for different stakeholders

    Opening a Voodoo SMS account takes less than 60 seconds and you get 25 Free Credits to try our service!

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