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    "A must for all entrepreneurs"

    Me and my wife spent over a week looking for ways to market our small business and eventually a friend of mine recommended Voodoo SMS. I registered to find 25 free credits which was an extremely kind gesture.

  • "Gives Everything Promised!"

    Found this service about 2 weeks ago and it has done everything that was advertised. Not only has it been extremely effective but the price of the service was so reasonable as well. Thank you Voodoo SMS!

  • "Easy. Competitive. Competent."

    'The amount of messages we send each month varies and with other companies you are made to top up large amounts to get the best prices, but with Voodoo SMS we have a lifetime price on our account so we know exactly where we stand.

  • "You can't beat their rates"

    Before using Voodoo I had never really used SMS marketing. I checked out quite a few sites but financially I was in a predicament where I was forced to look for the cheapest rates.

  • "Outstandingly cost-efficient!"

    I wanted a service that wouldn't force me into using it instantly and would allow me to use it anytime. Out of all the options available I found Voodoo SMS's service to be the cheapest service (they were 1.2p cheaper per credit than Red SMS)

  • "Best SMS service i've used!"

    In the past i have used several SMS services, but this is by far the best. The customer service is incredible as there is always someone to answer your call if you have a problem with the service.