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    Why SMS Marketing?

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    If you are reading this page, you minutes away from gaining a competitive advantage over your rivals. You will soon know something that they may not - the benefits of SMS marketing over traditional and e-marketing techniques.

    The reason so many dynamic organisations are openly embracing SMS marketing is that it fulfills so many of the deficiencies of the two other conventional methods of marketing - direct mail marketing and email marketing.

    SMS Marketing Email Marketing Direct Mail Marketing
    Tracking Instant tracking Instant tracking No tracking available
    Cost Costs have fallen by 75% in last 2 years, and continuing to reduce Low fixed cost of mail server or provider High cost of publication, postage
    Delivery Success 99% delivery success rate More advanced email filters mean even 23% of double opt-in emails get rejected Surveys suggest less than 10% of published direct mail marketing is read by customers
    Permission Required Required None required
    Open Rates > 97% open rate < 10% open rate Direct mail seen by many as junk mail
    Real-time Average SMS advert opened in less than 6 minutes Average email advert opened in 4 hours Postage time, human delivery time. Poor.
    Green Yes, always Yes, unless printed Killing trees isn't good.
    Return on Investment (ROI) High ROI… and increasing with reducing SMS costs Highest ROI… if you can get customers to open mail Low ROI
    Customer Engagement Instant & cost effective! Yet more SPAM? No thanks… Yawn…

    So there you have it. SMS Marketing really is the present and the future. Easy decision, and one that will drive your business forward.

    Why choose Voodoo SMS over our competitors?

    So now you understand the benefits and savings of SMS marketing, why choose Voodoo SMS as the platform for you and your business?

    • We offer super-competitive pricing,an average saving of 67%
    • Unlike anyone else, we cleanse your contact lists - if you're sending messages to dead mobile numbers, we will tell you so you don't waste money sending to them again
    • Our dashboard and software is world class... try us once and you will see the difference! read more features...
    • We don't use cheap foreign SMS routes - we only use genuine white routes
    • Our friendly UK account managers are happy to help, and we will even send and manage your campaigns if you want us to!
    • To see how we compare against our competitors please click here