4 SMS Marketing Ideas For Father’s Day

4 SMS Marketing Ideas For Father’s Day

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May 30, 2023

Is that time of year again - Father’s Day. The time when we’re all looking for the perfect way to express our feelings to the father figure in our lives and thank them for all they do.

Father’s Day is a fantastic time for retailers to reach out to potential and existing customers and try to make sales, and it is historically quite a lucrative holiday for businesses, especially those in the gift, greetings card, food and beverage and experience industries.

Father’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is key when it comes to maximising your chances of getting your fair market share in the run up to Father’s Day. The best Father’s Day marketing campaigns are punchy, memorable and really make the viewer think about how much they love their Dad - so much that they want to fork out lots of cash on a nice, big gift for them (preferably from you!)

But what about SMS marketing? How can text marketing be a part of your Father’s Day marketing campaign? Well, that’s why we’re here. We’ve put together a few top notch SMS marketing ideas to set your Father’s Day marketing campaign on the road to success.

4 SMS Marketing Ideas for Father’s Day

In 2021, UK retail spending for Father’s Day was £951 million. Businesses need to make sure their marketing campaigns are effective in order to maximise the huge potential Father’s Day provides. SMS is a great marketing tool to connect with your audience, and with a 98% open rate, it’s not hard to understand why. Take a look at these SMS marketing ideas to help you get started.


If relevant to your business, offer customisation for your products. People love buying gifts that seem unique and bespoke, so offering - for example - engraving on a photo frame, or football colours on a coaster, will be more likely to entice people to buy from you. Show your buyers what’s possible by using multimedia messaging. Bright, colourful, beautiful pictures can work wonders when encouraging people to choose your items.


This can be a really good opportunity to react to your audience’s pain points. Not everyone knows exactly what to get their Dad’s for Father’s Day. Men are often notoriously hard to buy for. Solve this for your customers by asking them via SMS to choose a few keywords from a selection that best describe their dad, then send them a link with some gift suggestions based on those keywords. You’re saving them time and effort, their Dad gets a great gift, and you make a sale. Win, win, win!

Personalise your SMS campaign

Personalised text messages can really help strengthen your relationship with your existing subscribers. Send them personalised texts with coupons, keywords or promotions to create urgency around your Father’s Day campaign. To encourage new subscribers, why not use pop-ups to offer special Father’s Day discounts in exchange for their email address?

Get ahead of the competition

Make sure you beat your competitors and be the first port of call when people are beginning to think about buying their Father’s Day gifts. You need to make sure that you’re sending your marketing text message early so that you can really maximise on the potential of this holiday.

How can you use Father’s Day SMS marketing for your business?

If you’d like to know more about implementing SMS marketing for your business this Father’s Day, contact us today on 01484 599 311. We've helped businesses boost profits and increase customer engagement with sms; we can do the same for you.

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