8 Tips to Get More Conversions From Your Landing Page

8 Tips to Get More Conversions From Your Landing Page

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Jun 23, 2017

It is all well and good getting your customers to click on a link in a marketing SMS, but to get the most conversions your mobile landing page needs to be the bee’s knees. Here are eight tips to help you on your way:

You have a grand total of 2 seconds to hold the attention of your visitor before they move on to a page that loads faster. With this in mind, keep images small and pages under 20kb keep loading time to a minimum.

Make sure you are using mobile friendly content, some plug-ins such as Flash can’t be viewed on mobile.

You will more than likely need to cut between 35-65% of your landing page content to optimise for mobile. Make every word count and be succinct!

Make your landing page easy to read. It shouldn’t be necessary to scroll in to read the text and any links shouldn’t be difficult to click on. Try using bullet points and leaving space between elements.

61% of mobile users call after a local business search so make sure that your number is available at the top of your landing page and is clickable.

Make sure you are visible locally, most mobile users with GPS enabled will receive specific content based on where they are.

If you have a form, make sure it is really simple. Ideally, there should be four or less fields, they should prompt what should be included and auto-fill should be switched on.

Call to Action:
Make your call to action really stand out. It should be easily clickable by a thumb, be in contrast colours to the rest of the page and should be in isolation.

If you have made use of all of or even some of these tips, you should see conversion rates increase. Even better, using our tracked short URL feature you can see exactly which contact is clicking through to your landing page and build future campaigns around this.

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