Benefits Of Text Messaging VS Traditional Marketing

Benefits Of Text Messaging VS Traditional Marketing

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Feb 17, 2014

Text messaging VS Email Marketing: Small businesses usually send email campaigns to its customers, the read rate of which is just 30%. Meaning that for every 100 emails sent 70 of them are ignored, trashed or sent to a spam folder and aren’t even read. On the other hand research shows that over 99% of SMS are read, out of which 90% are opened within 3 minutes of delivery. Can you imagine what this means for your direct marketing? An effective text message campaign can do wonders for your business. If the Associated Press can report the news in 140 characters, your business can perform effective marketing with 20 extra characters to play with.

Text Messaging VS Printed Coupons: Although many businesses have tasted success by offering promotions and discounts in the form of printed coupons, they carry many disadvantages along with them. They can easily be damaged, lost or forgotten. You can send the same discount through sending a Bulk SMS. Plan an effective text messaging campaign where your targeted customers will not only receive your offer instantly but they will likely share it with others too as text messages can very easily be forwarded.

Text Messaging VS Phone Calls: Cold Calling is intrusive, so obviously it’s not one of the best ways for approaching customers. Text message marketing will only target customers who are interested in receiving information about your service or product. Sending messages via SMS does not require an immediate response like a phone call does and unlike phone calls, you will not miss your customer if you contact them at a bad time or when they’re not at home/ in a situation where they can’t answer their phone.

Text Messaging VS Mailing: Have you ever thought how many trees it takes to make paper? Conservatree, a trusted source says that around 8,000 pieces of average office paper takes 1 x 40 feet tall tree of about 6-8 inches in diameter. This is an average tree! So you can imagine how “Green” it is to use SMS instead of mailing.

There are many reasons as to why your business should use SMS Marketing. You can save a lot of money on postage costs/ phone calls, get a better and quicker response, boost environmental credentials and you are allowed to choose the way that you communicate with your customers directly. Sending bulk SMS with us will help your business discover a more efficient and effective way to reach your customers.

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