VOODOO's Black Friday Bonanza!

VOODOO's Black Friday Bonanza!

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Nov 3, 2021

Is your business ready for Black Friday?
It’s billed as one of the busiest days in the retail calendar as eager shoppers clamour for a bargain. Yet despite being a long-held tradition in the US, Black Friday has only relatively recently captured the imagination of the British public.

Some experts have predicted that sales generated during Black Friday in 2021 could even outstrip the amount spent during traditional Boxing Day sales. As a result of the continued impact of Covid-19, this year’s Black Friday event is likely to last longer.

So, what is Black Friday and how can SMS messaging help your business to make the most of the biggest sales event of the year?

How should I plan my Black Friday messaging campaign?
The key to using SMS messaging effectively as a marketing tool is that it creates an opportunity to communicate directly and instantly with customers.

SMS messaging is a powerful communications tool as it engages with your target customer instantly. The open rates for a text message are significantly higher than other forms of marketing materials standing at an incredible 98%, significantly higher than emails or postal campaigns, and this means that with short sales events, such as Black Friday, SMS simply cannot be ignored.

Time to get creative!
The key to any effective marketing campaign is about creating a sense of excitement or anticipation. Think about incentivising customers to sign up and receive your messages by offering exclusive deals. Our platform allows messages to be personalised and tailored to them.

The VOODOO platform even makes it possible to send emojis in your messages to help your brand really stand out from the crowd.
Here are a few tips:

  • Think about the timing of your messages. For example, it may be beneficial to stagger the timing of a message, allowing you to process orders more effectively. Similarly, no-one is going to appreciate receiving a sales message at 3am in the morning!
  • Understand your customers. Divide your audience based upon what you know about them, e.g. location, age, gender, etc., and tailor your messages accordingly.
  • Create a clear call to action. Be clear about what you are saying, who you are saying it to and what you want them to do.

Never used SMS before? take advantage of our amazing special offer!
We understand that Black Friday is a big event and if you’ve never used SMS before in your business why not take advantage of our biggest ever Black Friday deal of 100% free credits on purchases up to 10,000 credits on your first order.

That’s right. We will match the value of any credit orders placed, but hurry, this offer won’t stay around for long!

Terms and conditions apply and please note this offer applies to new customers only.

How can Black Friday help my business?
Black Friday can offer a chance to increase traffic to your website, boost sales and help businesses to build their customer base. Today, Black Friday isn’t simply a retail event, it’s something embraced by many different types of businesses. The key to making the most of Black Friday is building a well-thought-out marketing campaign, and embracing SMS messaging can provide a powerful way of connecting with customers.

Planning a marketing campaign to make the most of Black Friday requires thought and creativity, and mobile messaging can offer a highly effective way of distinguishing your business from the competition.

When will it take place this year?
In 2021, Black Friday will take place on 26th November. However, as a result of the impact of Covid-19, many retailers have extended their Black Friday deals, which often run throughout the month of November.

What is Black Friday and how did it get its name?
Traditionally, Black Friday was a one-off sales event, which originated in America. Taking place the day after Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US, some of the earliest references to Black Friday can be traced to the city of Philadelphia.

Although the origins of the term ‘Black Friday’ are disputed, there are several theories as to how Black Friday received its name. Some believe it originally referred to the high numbers of employees calling into work sick to enjoy an extended holiday weekend; others believe it was a term used by the Philadelphia police department to describe the chaotic scenes in the city as visitors began their shopping and attended sporting events. Another common belief is that Black Friday marked the day when businesses returned to profit.

By the 1980s, Black Friday had been adopted across the US; however, it would be another 30 years before the event crossed the Atlantic. In 2010, online retailer Amazon launched its first UK Black Friday event, offering CDs for just £1 and offering up to 70% off electrical items. The term gained further traction when Walmart-owned Asda launched its own Black Friday event in 2013. Other retailers quickly spotted the opportunities and since then Black Friday has quickly gathered momentum year on year.

The Important part
There are strict rules that determine how customer data can be used and customers must opt in to receive all forms of marketing communication, whether that’s emails, post or via SMS, the same rules apply. If your business is based in the UK, your business must adhere to the Information Commission’s General Data Protection Regulation rules. More information about this can be found here: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/

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