Can SMS Improve Holidays?

Can SMS Improve Holidays?

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Oct 3, 2014

Summer is done and dusted and some of us might be back into the ‘miserable weather, miserable mood’ state. But there is no reason for you not to be out there enjoying yourself. There are plenty of exciting things coming up this year for you to put you back in a happy mood. But not only that, if you are running a business, the winter holidays are a great way to use SMS to boost your business. Here are just a few that you can take advantage of to help increase sales, there is Christmas, Bonfire Night and Halloween. You can use these to do themed sales and promotions.


When it is coming up to Halloween, use this to do a spooky theme on your website, and on your text messages. You could use a short code and keyword such as ‘text GHOST to 89021’, using mobile orientated offers, you can see what customers are interested and who’s not. You can then see if you need to change how you target your customers by SMS. There is nothing that pulls customers in than receiving offers and promotions, and most people prefer to receive them through text message.


Christmas is a great way to target your customers. Again, using offers and promotions. But there are also a lot of people that go away at Christmas time. SMS is a brilliant way for hotel owners to promote discounts, as a lot of hotels will discount their rooms a lot in winter as there aren’t usually as many people going away than in Summertime. But before you can send out your SMS campaigns to your valued customers, you need to somehow gain phone numbers. A good way to gain phone numbers is to set up a Mobile subscription form on your website. The customer can then fill this in to receive text messages about sales and offers at Christmas time.  


So what’s stopping you, increase sales even more this Winter with Voodoo SMS. Your customers will value your service even more if you send them text messages with sales.


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