Case Study: Using VoodooSMS to Capture and Retarget

Case Study: Using VoodooSMS to Capture and Retarget

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Jun 2, 2017

The Skinny Bakery has been a customer with Voodoo SMS ever since they met at an eCommerce Expo back in September 2016. Founded in 2013 by passionate home baker Mariella Forte, The Skinny Bakery has used the internet to sell her low calorie, low sugar baked goods for some time, but has recently began using SMS to boost sales in a way that has been more successful than imagined.

The Skinny Bakery uses an eCommerce store powered by Shopify. When they opened an account with Voodoo SMS, they naturally installed their Shopify extension to ensure complete seamless integration. At checkout, any customer who willingly provides their mobile telephone number is sent automated order confirmation details via SMS in order to improve customer service and their overall buying experience.

As orders are processed through Shopify, the Voodoo SMS platform also allows for automated order information to be sent to the customer at any or all trigger points relating to their order.

Alongside this, The Skinny Bakery also uses the Voodoo SMS web-accessed portal where they can upload permission-based customer contact details as well as access those customers who have provided their details at checkout. From here, The Skinny Bakery has the ability to send bulk SMS marketing campaigns and promotional offers.

The Campaign?
The Skinny Bakery used a Mailchimp campaign earlier in the morning followed by an SMS broadcast at 6.30pm in the evening. The data speaks for itself to show which channel was more effective.

The graph shows sales over time and clearly shows a massive spike at 6.30pm when the text messages we sent. Mariella states that sales were up 100% from the previous day and site visits were doubled straight after the SMS campaign was sent.

The Skinny Bakery have used two fantastic Voodoo SMS features in conjunction to create campaigns that provide real value to their customers. Making an attractive offer is key, but having a system in place that allows it be be conveyed directly and efficiently certainly helps!

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