Choosing The Right Keywords

Choosing The Right Keywords

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Apr 5, 2014

  • Keep it Short and Memorable: 

Your customers may only take a quick glance at your message if they are on the move. A long SMS keyword will be difficult to remember, if the message gets lost or deleted, the chances are the customer won’t remember the SMS keyword. This could lose you a customer! A short relevant SMS keyword is what you need to include.

  • Proper Communication of your SMS Keyword:

When you are informing people about keywords and short codes make sure you are clear about them. Make sure that both parts are differentiated and clear enough and of course spelt correctly.

  • Use One Word:

 you plan an SMS keyword which is more than two words some of your customers may make the mistake of putting a space between the words which will obviously make you make the mistake of putting a space between the words which will obviously make you

  • Avoid Using Special Characters:

Choose easy to type SMS keywords. Special characters like “£” can be harder to find on a phone which may be annoying for the customer. So it is best to avoid the use of special characters. 

  • Watch out for the Auto Correct:

The auto correct on a customer’s handset can change even correctly spelt words into something entirely different. So test out your SMS keyword on different operating systems before sending it out in your text message marketing.

  • Differentiate your Campaigns:

Make sure that you choose keywords that do not confuse your customers about the multiple campaigns that you are running. SMS keywords should be prominent for different campaigns.  

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