Driving competition engagement with bulk SMS

Driving competition engagement with bulk SMS

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Aug 29, 2023

Are you looking for an efficient and impactful way to boost your competition's growth and engagement? If the crowded email inboxes and declining open rates have left you searching for alternatives, we have a powerful solution that can make a real difference - SMS.

In this blog, we'll explore the impact of sending bulk SMS messages and how it can drive engagement and boost competition entries, delivering fantastic results.

Grab your player's attention with an SMS open rate of 98%

Picture this: within seconds, your competition notifications reach hundreds of potential participants' phones, capturing their attention instantly. SMS messages are the secret weapon to cutting through the digital noise and delivering your message right where it matters – in the palm of their hands. The instant impact ensures your competitions won't get lost in the abyss of email clutter, making sure every participant is engaged, ensuring maximum competition participation.

Engaging competitors with personalised bulk SMS

Personalisation is the secret sauce to winning over competitors. Using the right online SMS platform means you can easily address participants by their names, making them feel seen and valued. Whether it's a friendly reminder about an upcoming live draw or a congratulatory message after a winning big, personalised SMS will keep your participants hooked and eager for more.

Maximising participation through timely SMS prompts

In the world of competitions, timing is everything. Text messages enable you to prompt immediate action from your players. Whether it's a last-minute entry reminder or an exclusive prize announcement, the urgency created by SMS ensures a flurry of activity, driving great competition growth.

Ready to take your competitions to the next level?

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