Find out what Voodoo SMS has up its sleeve for the upcoming eCommerce Expo!

Find out what Voodoo SMS has up its sleeve for the upcoming eCommerce Expo!

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Sep 21, 2015

Here at Voodoo SMS HQ, we can hardly hold our excitement for the upcoming eCommerce Expo at the Olympia London!

With the UK’s eCommerce industry due to reach £52.25bn in 2015 – a near 10% rise from last year – eCommerce and online retail has never been hotter. With this in mind, what better way to contact your droves of new customers than with Voodoo SMS? SMS and eCommerce go hand in hand, it’s the bangers to its mash, the nut to its bolt, the milk to its cookies, the … OK, you get it.

When buying something online, a lack of communication from the seller can be a nightmare; the customer can often be left wondering just what is going on, and can easily become bewildered and frustrated. Recently, a Voodoo SMS colleague was saying how he bought a pair of new trainers and then had to cancel the payment to the seller because the communication was so poor, he thought he was at risk of being scammed.

Here are some examples of how SMS communication can help your eCommerce business communicate with your valuable customers:

Your eCommerce business can use SMS for:

  • Communication

Communicate with a new customer who’s just signed up – maybe give them a welcome offer?

  • Order Confirmation

Confirm an order placement to a customer to keep them in the picture.

  • Confirmation of Payment

Confirm the payment of an order so the customer knows exactly where their money has gone.

  • Cancelled Orders

Confirm the cancellation of an order – it can be pretty annoying for the customer if they cancel their order and then not be told what’s going on

  • Delivery Notification

Let your customer know when an order has been despatched – this will ensure your customer is home when your order arrives, saving you the cost of re-delivery

  • Refunds

Inform your customer when a refund is created. They will find it useful to know that their money is coming back to them safe and sound.

  • Partial Fulfillment of Order

To explain to a customer that their order is only partially fulfilled.

  • Customer Service

Allow your resident tech wizards to directly contact the customer should they have an issue.


Want to win £600 worth of SMS credits?

We’re selecting 5 lucky businesses at random to give  £600 worth of SMS credits to at the eCommerce Expo.

If you want your business to be boosted by this fantastic prize, visit our stand at the eCommerce Expo, and enter into the competition.

To find out more about how your eCommerce business can be taken to the next level with the help of SMS, have a chat with Voodoo SMS’s friendly and knowledgeable staff at the eCommerce Expo at the Olympia London – Stand 94.


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