Great News for Voodoo SMS!

Great News for Voodoo SMS!

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Jun 20, 2019

Top 100 

We have received fantastic news – we have been shortlisted for the Digital Enterprise Top 100! The Digital Enterprise Top 100 is a government-backed initiative to identify companies which are leading the way in digital transformation. The Top 100 are Yorkshire’s “most innovative, digitally mature and transformational digital businesses”. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and thank you for your continued support. We are pleased that our hard work has been recognised.

With Digital Enterprise we have the opportunity to feature in a report which will be distributed across Yorkshire to key businesses, politicians, business leaders and investors. Getting into the Top 100 is an achievement that we are proud of, we hope that we continue this success for the future.

Webhooks Are Coming! 

What are Webhooks you ask?
Webhooks are essentially automation, which when installed, send and fetch data without you having to request it. For example, when the webhooks go live, you can enter the portal and opt-in to receive notifications when you receive messages to your inbound number (VMN) without having to log in to see them. Basically, webhooks send data to an endpoint (such as your internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system), then that data can be manipulated by the user. This keeps things running smoothly and will save you time. The tech team are busy writing the code and getting everything ready to bring Webhooks to our portal.

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