How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Bulk SMS

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Bulk SMS

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Jul 18, 2014

Bulk SMS messaging has shown to be extremely popular with both retailers and owners of small businesses due to its service which allows businesses to send personalised text messages instantly as well as the fact that it allows them to keep in contact with their customers. You can promote a new product, inform customers of your latest deals and promotions or advertise a new service that your company is running.

As well as this Bulk SMS messaging provides speed and flexibility. All businesses should be able to react to the transience of the ever flowing marketing conditions. Messages can be made and delivered to their target recipients within a matter of minutes as bulk SMS messaging has virtually no lead time. As a result of this, you can increase footfall on a slow day or you can clear old stock for new deliveries and consequently increase your revenue.

Bulk SMS messaging is also a cost-effective process as not only does it have both low set up and running costs but it also has a high ROI making it a worthwhile venture for all businesses.

So actually using bulk SMS messaging in your business’ marketing campaign can be significantly cheaper than the more traditional forms of communication such as phone calling, direct mail campaign or television/radio advertising, etc.

Additionally, bulk SMS messaging allows your business to send out highly targeted marketing messages. For any active business, some of the keys to survival are having low costs but having a relatively good sales revenue. This makes it now essential that every marketing message your business sends out is highly targeted. One of the features of Voodoo SMS’s service is that you have to have permission from the recipients to send them messages, meaning the target audience will either already have a relationship with you or have some agreement to receive messages from you. Therefore, you will be sending messages to people who are highly likely to have some interest and hence are more likely to respond to your message

Now you are probably wondering how it is more beneficial to use bulk SMS messaging over email messaging. Firstly, 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the respective recipient, and on average read within 5 seconds. This in itself is an impressive statistic but putting it into contrast with the statistic that only around 22% of all emails are actually open and on average the open time is around 48 hours. The statistics speak for themselves.

Another benefit of businesses incorporating bulk SMS messaging in their marketing campaign is that it would allow more personalisation in the message. SMS messages can be more personalised to the respective recipient on the basis of the customers previous demographics and buying behaviours. This level of personalisation can be a very expensive process. However bulk SMS can be done at almost no extra cost as well as have a better and more powerful impact on the respective recipient.

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