How SMS Can Boost Online Gambling Revenue

How SMS Can Boost Online Gambling Revenue

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Jun 26, 2018

SMS and Gambling

Though not a gambler myself, it is undeniable that the real-time applications of SMS and gambling go hand-in-hand. And with the World Cup in full swing, gambling is up there at the forefront of many people’s minds alongside ‘Football’s Coming Home’ on loop, whether England will actually get past the group stages and where you can get a nice pint with a beer garden and a big screen to watch the game or that might just be me.

The world has gone mobile. We do everything from socialise and shop, to running businesses on our phones and with this, more and more people are using mobile devices to gamble.

This mobile revolution makes SMS marketing the perfect tool for the gambling industry with 98% of texts being opened within three minutes of sending, this is one stat that cannot be ignored in the world of marketing, people see your marketing SMS messages, they don’t just delete them immediately or move them to a spam folder. Use this to boost your marketing campaigns and you can increase your profit margins massively.

Here are a few reasons why SMS marketing can have a massive impact on the gambling community and why it’s the smart choice in going forward and increasing revenue.

It’s Cheap

We here at Voodoo SMS pride ourselves on providing the best like for like prices (see pricing page here) on the market whilst still offering the best UK support available you can reach your desired audience at a lower price to our competitors and a much lower price than TV, Radio or internet advertising (All of which are extremely expensive and run the risk of your target audience not even seeing/hearing it).

It’s Immediate

We know that odds can change from minute to minute so planning a marketing campaign with specific information included, like odds, needs a speedy and reactive system system, TV and radio simply don’t offer this level of reactiveness in creating a marketing campaign, a TV or radio campaign will take weeks if not months to develop and execute, an SMS campaign can be designed and sent out within a matter of hours.

The real-time applications of SMS can even be taken a step further and you can offer in-play betting, offer your customers up to date odds, in-game offers such as ‘Boosted odds on the next goal scorer’ or offer buy out options for those wanting to back out of a bet. To allow in-play betting you need a fast and responsive marketing, and if you don’t have the revenue to develop your own App then SMS is the perfect option for you.

It’s Personal 

Set up your system so you let your customers know when their balance is low when they top up, or what their balance is after a win. Keep your customers engaged and retain their business.

When you upload your contact lists, why not label them by the sport they prefer to gamble on (create secondary mixed groups if they gamble on multiple sports or events) It would be a waste of credits if you were to send an SMS to John Doe about the Manchester Derby when he only bets on the ponies!

The next month is also the most important and hectic time in the footballing calendar, the World Cup is an event that no bookie or tipster wants to miss out on!

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