How SMS Is Saving Businesses Millions Of Pounds

How SMS Is Saving Businesses Millions Of Pounds

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Sep 11, 2014

Saving money is a huge part of running or being part of a business. Whether it is saving on the usage of paper, or saving energy in the office with energy saving lightbulbs. But there are some aspects of a business that business owners struggle with when it comes to saving money. One of these issues is usually getting their message out to their customers. A lot of companies think its the right idea to use online advertising to share their products, but usually customers ignore these and don’t take any notice. Some customers will even see it as an ‘annoying pop up’ kind of advertisement.


What these companies don’t know, is what they’re missing out on with Bulk SMS. It’s such a cheap and effective way to keep your customers in the know. Voodoo SMS offers the most up to date and useful features to help your business become even closer to your customers. SMS has proven to save businesses millions of pounds when marketing their products.


Another useful way SMS can help your business, is by using appointment reminders. This can either be for important meetings with clients or staff members, or it could be patients in a doctors surgery. It can be used efficiently to remind clients when they are in for an important meeting. Meetings take time, time that could be used doing work for your business, so if a meeting is missed by your clients, this is wasting your time and money. So a simple reminder can save all this hassle.


When working in a doctors surgery, missed appointments can cost a lot of money. This is why SMS is a great opportunity for these types of businesses, a quick message to prompt them when to come in, can be really effective in the long run. It can also waste the specific doctors money and time, if they have only come into the surgery for the one appointment, they have wasted valuable time and fuel.


There are so many ways that SMS can save money for your particular business, so why not give it a go? You will even be given 25 free credits when you register so you can see how good the service is for yourself. What are you waiting for?


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