How To Improve Customer Service And Cut Costs With Text Messages

How To Improve Customer Service And Cut Costs With Text Messages

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Sep 4, 2014

Gaining customers is extremely important when running a business, but keeping them is even more vital. This is why you must make sure your Customer Service skills are top notch. You need to make customers feel wanted and more welcome when purchasing from your company. They also like to feel up to date with any sales or offers that you may have going on. A fantastic way to keep customers in the know is to send them regular updates via text message. Customers will welcome effective SMS updates, but only if you use mobile marketing in the correct way.


Some important points that you must think about when using bulk text messaging are:


–  Make sure you send the message out at the correct time, no one wants to receive a text message at 5 in the morning.

– If you are sending out a gender specific text message, make sure you have filtered the numbers accordingly.

– Make sure you include when the sale ends, so there is no confusion.


These are just a few points to take into consideration when planning a SMS campaign.


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Another reason to use SMS marketing for your business is to cut down on cost. SMS is proven to be the most cost effective way of getting your message out to your customers.

When working in a Doctors or Dentist surgery, missed appointments cost money. So why not use SMS to send out reminders to your clients. This can save a lot of time and money.


Nowadays, most businesses are online, and when a customer makes a payment online, some can be wary on whether it has worked or not. So by sending a quick confirmation email, it will save you a lot of unnecessary customer support queries. It has been proven to improve calls by customers by 70% by reassuring them the payment has gone through. Also, SMS is also fantastic for chasing up payments by customers, just by sending the customer a simple reminder through text can urge them to pay up sooner rather than later.

The times of sending out fliers and putting up posters have gone, SMS is the future. It is also the most cost effective way to market your business.

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