How To Use Bulk Text Messaging In Your Marketing Strategy

How To Use Bulk Text Messaging In Your Marketing Strategy

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Aug 20, 2014

Bulk text messaging is a service that is becoming increasingly popular within the world of marketing, but how can it benefit you? SMS in itself is the juggernaut of the modern society, however it is restricted when it comes to the quantity of recipients you can send the message to at one time. By using bulk text messaging, you can upload contact lists of any size to a database. You can then send SMS to as many recipients you like, in one go! This allows businesses to send useful and informative text messages to hundreds or even thousands of their customers or staff members simultaneously.


For example, assuming you own a high street clothing shop and have struck a huge deal to have a well known fashion designer’s latest collection distributed within your shop, and you want to make your customers aware of this. Voodoo SMS’ bulk text messaging service would prove to be incredibly useful in this circumstance as it is a quick and effective service that would enable you to send a mass amount of messages to all of your customers within seconds. The next thing you know, customers are queuing out the door and sales have increased.


Some people automatically assume that bulk SMS automatically means spamming, however if used properly this isn’t the case. We often say ‘’if you have their number…you have their business’’. The majority of your customers will opt in to receive your marketing messages to keep updated on sales and promotions and because of this, they will appreciate your marketing message instead of being annoyed by it. In fact, the majority of customers prefer to be contacted by text message rather than other methods such as emails. To prove this, surveys show that 98% of text messages get read, when only 22% of emails get read.


Collecting numbers is not as tedious as it seems, there are several methods you can use to retrieve phone numbers, although you must make sure the customer has approved. Firstly, you could put a form online onto your website, asking customers who are interested to opt-in to receive messages. Alternatively, you could also ask them to text a keyword to a shortcode to begin to receive marketing messages from you, for example. ‘Text SUNSHINE to 80010 for updates on sales’. Although, even though the customer has opted in for the marketing messages they can easily change their mind and become fed up, because of this you need to make sure the customer has a way to opt-out of the service.


So how can Bulk SMS help you? Nearly all text messages are opened and read within seconds, and by using all the features that Voodoo SMS offers you can easily send out messages successfully to a targeted and active audience effectively.


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