How To Use SMS At Christmas Time.

How To Use SMS At Christmas Time.

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Nov 5, 2014

We know that weather can be an issue for everyone at Christmas time, it can be a huge task for people to get to work or school when there are serious weather conditions. So a lot of the time, schools will shut when it comes to bad weather such as Snow. But schools have hundreds of students, how will they let everyone know? Well it’s common for schools to put it on the school website for students and parents to check up on. This is usually effective, but there will always be the odd student that didn’t check the website, or doesn’t have access to the internet at home. One device that nearly everyone has nowadays, is a mobile phone. It has been proven that contacting someone via text message is the best way to get in touch with your desired person. So why not use this at schools? Teachers and staff members can contact parents and students to let them know the School will be closed that day. They can also send out weather warnings on previous days, so all parents and students can be prepared if the school has to close.


But this isn’t just useful for schools, it’s also useful for businesses. Most offices will have staff members from all different area’s, some further than others. So when there is a case of severe weather, there is no better way to let your staff know not to come in than by text message. You can also let them know several days before if there have been weather warnings, so they know to be at their phone when it snows to hear the verdict. Your staff will not appreciate the fact of making their way to work in awful weather conditions, to find that it is closed. You can easily send a bulk text messages through Voodoo SMS to everyone that works for you, letting them know to not bother making the journey.


So what else is a problem when it comes to bad weather? Clothing. Sometimes it’s impossible for people to venture out of their houses if they don’t have the correct clothing, such as big coats and protective footwear like wellington boots, or snow boots. SMS is a great way for retailers that sell these items of clothing to target their customers and inform them on any sales they might have going on. People will be desperate to stay warm, and you need to make sure they come to you instead of your competitors. The way to do this, is to make the perfect SMS campaign to draw your customers in, and persuade them to purchase your items. You can see how to make the perfect campaign in our other blog post 'The Perfect SMS Campaign

Here you can see all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to SMS campaigns.


These are just a few ways businesses can use SMS at certain times of the year, stay tuned to our blog posts to see if your business can benefit from using SMS marketing.


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