Increase SMS Campaign Response With A Short Code Reply Number!

Increase SMS Campaign Response With A Short Code Reply Number!

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Apr 2, 2014

Over the past few years the five-digit SMS short codes have proved to be great marketing success.

Making people aware of your company through text messages is one of most influential mobile marketing activities and has proved to be a big part of successful SMS marketing. A recent survey reveals that consumers want to interact with companies through text messages. Below are some reasons why you should start short code text service to carry out a very effective text message campaign.

Adding a text response increases the overall response rates by 20%.  You can make the most of your future marketing activities by automatically capturing the mobile numbers of the enquirers when they respond to your text message service. The enquirers receive the automatic text response which has all the details of your company and thus this service acts as a business card on mobile phones.

When using generic marketing techniques you require staff to handle calls to mobile phones which is of course very expensive. Bringing text message responses into use cuts costs and saves your valuable time.

One short code can be used across networks as UK short codes are common to all major UK mobile phone operators. Short codes are more memorable than long phone numbers or website links. They can be responded to at anytime unlike your call centre or outlet when closed.

One big advantage is that campaigns using SMS short codes can measure their success rates accurately and immediately. With the help of Voodoo SMS you can get started with an effective text message marketing campaign with the best rates in the UK.

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