Messaging Lingo

Messaging Lingo

1 minute read

Nov 26, 2014

We know how confusing it can be when you use a service for the first time, especially when there is ‘Technical Mobile Marketing’ words flying about. Here we will explain everything you need to know about Mobile marketing, and what some of these confusing words mean!

  • API – Application Programming Interface. Use our API to connect your application to ours to send automatic SMS and MMS messages.

  • Auto Response –  An automatically generated SMS text message sent in response to inbound messages that is configured in Messenger

  • Broadcast Messaging – Sending messages to multiple people at once.

  • Bulk SMS – A term used to describe mass SMS sends at one time.

  • Delivery Report – A report provided by the network used to send the message to inform of it’s delivery status.

  • Dedicated Inbound Number – A virtual mobile number which is used only by you.

  • Dedicated Short Code – A five digit text number only used by you

  • Email to SMS – Send emails which we will convert to text messages for you.

  • Keyword – A dedicated word to your account that you hold on one of our shared numbers. All messages sent to a shared number needs to start with a keyword so our system knows which account to direct the message to.

  • Network Operator – The company to which your mobile device connects to, such as O2.

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