New Features Coming Soon!

New Features Coming Soon!

1 minute read

Jul 30, 2019


Contact Uploader now 50x Faster!

Were you fed up with how sloooow our contact uploader was? So were we. As a forward-thinking company, we are always looking for ways to improve. We have vastly upgraded our contact uploader to be 500% faster! If you have a lot of contacts, you will know how long you had to wait for them to upload. For example, if you uploaded 5,000 contacts using the old uploader, it would take around 3 minutes; with the new uploader, it will take seconds.

Zendesk App Coming Soon!

Calling all Zendesk users! A Voodoo SMS app is coming soon to the Zendesk Marketplace. Our free app will allow you to communicate with your customers’ via SMS. When your customer raises a support ticket, you will have the option to reply via SMS. Your response will then be sent directly to the customer’s phone, from there they can reply to the text, they won’t need to log in to their account or check their emails. Their reply will then be sent to your Zendesk as a normal support ticket reply. Your customers will see your responses quicker than if they were emailed to them. Studies show that texts are read within the first 3 minutes of being received, whereas emails take an average of 90 minutes. Customers respond positively to swift communication and resolution of their queries, in turn, they will continue to feel satisfied and valued as a customer.

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