Send Appointment Reminders By Text Message

Send Appointment Reminders By Text Message

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Aug 13, 2014

Missed appointments can prove to be a huge liability to any active business due to not only the expense but also the time wasted. So why not use SMS to reduce the amount of missed appointments? It’s a great way to save you money and time!

A lot of businesses use email and letter systems to keep their customers updated, however these methods have become dated and less reliable. There’s not much point in sending a reminder if you’re not sure whether the recipient is going to receive it. On the other hand, 97% of people keep their smartphones within arm’s reach, so customers will see and read your text message within seconds!

So how exactly can you send an Appointment Reminder by SMS? Every morning, or last thing at night you should create a spreadsheet detailing the name of the client, their phone number and the time at which their appointment is. Once this is done you can upload it to the groups area of your Voodoo SMS account (which is free to create if you don’t have one).

Then you can create a merged text message that will automatically retrieve the name and time and send it to everybody on the list.

Another new feature that Voodoo SMS offers is Email to SMS. You can quickly and easily generate an email from your mail account which will be converted into an SMS and sent to your customers mobile phone. 

And there's our Application Programming Interface (API), it can be easily implemented within your internal appointment software and set up to send appointment reminders by text automatically, so once set up, you don't have to do anything.  

So, still not sure about using SMS to reduce missed appointments? Let me summarise it for you. Sending appointment reminders by SMS is one of the most effective ways to keep your customers organised. By sending them an SMS, which only costs a few pence, will keep your business running smoothly and prevent any time and money wasters. There is a much higher chance of a customer seeing an appointment reminder when using SMS rather than letters or email. So why not try it?

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