SMS Integration with your eCommerce Platform has Never Been Easier!

SMS Integration with your eCommerce Platform has Never Been Easier!

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Oct 20, 2015

We have been making huge strides to make integration between Voodoo SMS and eCommerce stores even easier. Rather than using our API guide, you can now install Voodoo SMS’ new eCommerce modules.

Never before has it been so important to build a great relationship with your customers. With market competition so fierce to snap up any floating customers, Voodoo SMS is here to give you that competitive advantage over your rivals. According to, ‘89% of shoppers have stopped buying from online stores after they’ve experienced poor customer service.’ With this in mind, can you afford not to consider integrating with Voodoo SMS?

Voodoo SMS has expanded its integration with 6 different eCommerce Platforms; Magento, opencart, Shopify, WooCommerce, VirtueMart and osCommerce. Each module is 100% free to install, configure and use (with the purchase of credits). Over 50% of businesses now incorporate SMS into their sales marketing mix. SMS marketing will give your business the advantage over the stragglers who haven’t caught up with this essential marketing tool yet.

The integration between Voodoo SMS and our eCommerce modules is seamless. You have to only invest a small amount of your time to installing and configuring a module. Once a module has been configured, you can keep using the module for the rest of the long and fruitful life of your eCommerce store, without maintenance! Once installed and configured, you will get free access to our portal, where reports for your messages can be viewed, as well as many other cool features. Upon installation, you will also receive 25 free credits to use alongside your shiny new module.

Voodoo SMS are proud to have such an amazing customer service team who offer excellent support to anyone who may have difficulties installing and configuring an eCommerce module.

The best bit? It’s all free!

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