SMS: The 25-year-old 'New' customer service tool

SMS: The 25-year-old 'New' customer service tool

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Jun 10, 2016

British Airways, Zendesk, Birchbox, Southwest Airlines. What do they all have in common? As well as being customer satisfaction pioneers, all have recently instigated SMS as a dedicated customer service channel. I’ll repeat that: SMS as a dedicated customer service channel. Not one-way marketing broadcasts, but two-way conversations with a live agent.

Why are these brand giants – with dedicated service telephone lines, apps, live online chat and ticket-based email support – branching out into SMS, and why now? Simple. Customers love text. It means they don’t have to be stuck behind a computer screen or hanging on the telephone, nor does it feel as intrusive as live chat pop-ups. It’s a channel perfectly aligned with today’s consumers’ lives. One reports suggests that, on average, 64% of people prefer texting over phone calls when contacting customer support. Which would you prefer?

If you agree that a relationship is one human connecting directly with another, SMS is an obvious extension of this. You don’t text the big corporate machine, you text friends. This time, it truly is personal. It’s also incredibly quick. Are on-hold waiting times a customer service KPI for your business? Then experience the difference SMS could make.

But how do you facilitate two-way conversation – should you use your own number? Not necessary; VoodooSMS can provide a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN). This is an 07 number that enables inbound-messaging. One VMN can be shared between all your service team, giving your customers a single, memorable contact number to text. Using a VMN not only protects privacy and facilitates real-time conversation, it also means text conversations can be archived and indexed.

The calibre of businesses blazing a trail for SMS as a customer service channel ensures that it will be used more and more frequently. Choosing today to initiate a SMS support strategy will give your business a significant competitive advantage over those who linger. VoodooSMS are the SMS customer service experts – on-hand to offer advice and implement your strategy. Act now, and enjoy first mover advantage. Contact VoodooSMS today on 0800 971 7111

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