Take Advantage Of Mother's Day With SMS!

Take Advantage Of Mother's Day With SMS!

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Mar 7, 2015

Mother’s day is just around the corner, a holiday that CANNOT be forgotten. The holiday where all the mother’s say they don’t want anything, but we know they really do. This is a perfect opportunity for online and in store retail shops to show their customers why they are the best there is!

We all know it’s easy to forget important holidays like Mother’s Day, that’s why you should send regular reminders to your customers. Maybe add a ‘Quick Buy’ link that will take them straight to your Mother’s Day themed gifts.

Mother’s day isn’t just useful for retail shops, it can also be really effective for Restaurants and Cafe’s. There will be floods of sons and daughters wanting to treat their mother to a fancy meal for Mother’s Day, why don’t you send out a special offer for this special day? You will be sure to gain customers by doing this.

Mums wants pampering on Mother’s Day, it’s the one day where they can really unwind and put their feet up, this is why Hair and Beauty salons are usually pretty busy on Mother’s Day. It’s a great opportunity to send out some offers via SMS.

Although you may come up with many great idea’s of how to use SMS marketing to boost your sales, you need to keep in mind the things to do and the things NOT to do. Here are a few to jog your memory:

  • Listen to your customers. If a recent campaign didn’t work, you need to try and figure out where you went wrong. A good way to do this is to send out a second text message to the same group of people asking for their feedback, whether this is good or bad you can still use it to improve your campaigns for more success.
  • Choose the timing wisely, no one wants to receive a text message at 3am. This can really put off customers wanting to use your service or buy your products. We have found that lunch time between 12-2 works well and also the late afternoon/early evening between 4-7. This is the time people are on their phones the most, making this the most effective time to send out SMS campaigns.
  • You need to remember that your customers are busy, and not everyone has time to thoroughly read your text message. This is why you must put the most vital information in there. This way customers will find your text messages useful, rather than annoying.

So, with all that in mind. You can send out effective SMS messages to your customers, and quickly too! What’s stopping you? Get sending now!

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