The Top 5 Most Common SMS Failures

The Top 5 Most Common SMS Failures

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Oct 28, 2014

When using SMS marketing for the first time, it’s easy to make mistakes. You may not know the correct time to send out your campaign, or the type of customer to send it to. But please don’t be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to SMS marketing. Within some businesses, you may have to try different ways of sending out your messages. Not all businesses are the same, and some things may not work for you.


  1. Before sending out your campaign, make sure you have a plan. There’s no use in trying to think of a quick text message just minutes before you are going to send it. This will not only waste time, but it will waste money. As cheap as SMS marketing is, businesses can’t afford to foolishly spend money. Something to think about before sending your message is the target audience. Will your message be more effective just going out to younger customers? Or maybe even just females? If your message is about selling a new beauty product, you may want to put your customers phone numbers in groups. You can then send out relevant text messages to relevant groups.


  1. People are busy, and not everyone has time to read your messages. So make sure you only send out vital information that customers will find interesting. By sending out constant text messages with information that customers don’t need to know, you may end up losing some of your customers. Although people love a good offer, don’t bombard them with 2 for 1 deals everywhere. They will like the cheap product, but they will also want to know interesting information about the product or they won’t be interested in purchasing it.


  1. Listen to your customers. If a recent campaign didn’t work, you need to try and figure out the reason why. A good idea is to send another text message out to the same people asking for feedback, whether the feedback is good or not, it helps you target your downfalls and improve on your SMS marketing.


  1. Remind customers why you’re so special. If your product has an aspect that your competition doesn’t have. For example, you could be selling a hairspray that prevents dandruff. Show off with it! Make sure your customers know that this is something your competitors doesn’t offer. A good way to do this is to keep consistent. Whenever you send out a text message, mention it, this way customers will be reminded that yours is above the rest.


  1. Choose the timing wisely, no one wants to receive a text message at 3am. This can really put off customers wanting to use your service or buy your products. We have found that lunch time between 12-2 works well and also the late afternoon/early evening between 4-7. This is usually the time that people are on their phones the most, so this tends to be the most effective time to send out SMS campaigns.

So, to summarise, with the different marketing tools that’s available now, it’s easy to make mistakes. The key to a good SMS campaign is to have a plan, send useful and informative information, learn from your mistakes and keep your message consistent. Have a good think before sending out your SMS campaign, and check it against other staff members, you can see what different people want when they receive an SMS from a business, this will help you plan your SMS campaign perfectly. So get texting!

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