The World Cup: Russia 2018

The World Cup: Russia 2018

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Jun 11, 2018

The World Cup: Russia 2018

It’s here; The World Cup.

I’ve spent four years whinging and moaning about how all of the international breaks ruin the domestic season (I won’t say which team I support!) but then when June starts every four years a fever grips us as a nation; An urge to go out and spend an inordinate amount of money on an England Football Shirt, to buy anything remotely associated with England Football and to shout, cheer and scream incoherently at the TV. (Even us Techies here at Voodoo SMS are getting into the World Cup spirit!)


It’s practically a mania of national pride for our football teams, which in turns drives a frenzy of spending on anything to do with our teams. Spending that you can get in on.


Are you sending out special promotional information in regards to the World Cup? You should be! It’s one of the most watched sporting events on the planet!


What you can do


There are a host of things you can do to cash in on the national football hysteria that’s about to grip the nation!


The real-time applications of SMS (97% of adults open a text within four minutes of receiving it) are built for this kind of marketing this instantaneous contact is going to create a much stronger bond between you and a customer and aid in customer retention and improve profit margins.


Remember that the World Cup is usually on weekdays too.  Get people to sign up to your live action update service, so they can scream with joy or misery whilst at their place of work or whilst out and about.


Why not send out special offers when England win? When a person’s team wins, they’re usually happy! Happy people usually means happy spenders! Let’s face it though, when England lose you could send out conciliatory offers. “We may be out but at least you can save 20% on your next purchase.”


Remember these are just some examples of what you send, the bounds are only really limited by your imagination and ingenuity.


What about inbound SMS solutions? Don’t forget that you can provide a two-way service for a dialogue with your customers. You can use SMS to create competitions by utilising our keyword feature as an example!


You can use SMS to cater for a lot of your marketing solutions for the World Cup, so why not embrace the lunacy that’s about to spread across the country! This is a hugely lucrative time for marketing across all sectors and the fact it only comes around every four years makes it even more advantageous to one-off marketing campaigns. Don’t miss out!


To chat with us about how you could jump on the World Cup bandwagon, give the team a call today on 01484 599 311 or send an email to

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