This is Sara

This is Sara

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Aug 28, 2015


sara-text-bannerSara rises at precisely 7.17am after hitting snooze three times on her alarm clock.

Whilst still in bed, she checks Facebook on her phone. Her thumb covers all the adverts down the right-hand side.

Sara makes her morning coffee whilst listening to the local radio station. She switches to Radio 1 when the adverts come on.

On her bus ride into work, she passes 27 billboard advertises. Not that Sara sees a single one, she’s too busy reading her magazine.

She flicks through the latest issue of Vogue. She’s come to learn to ignore the first few pages with all the fancy perfume ads.

At work, she checks her email. It’s enormously satisfying to empty a spam folder containing 83 emails with one click, isn’t it?

Now it’s time to sort the morning’s post. The routine never changes: chuck the obvious ‘direct mail marketing offers’ (aka junk) in the bin, unopened.


Then Sara’s iphone 6 beeps. She stops everything to look at it. She clutches her phone to her chest as a smile begins to creep over her lips.


Sender: Posy’s Shoes


“Happy Birthday Sara! To celebrate, we’re giving you 20% off everything in store with this code: BRT-7. Enjoy!”


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