This time, it’s personal…

This time, it’s personal…

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Mar 8, 2016

Why do even big companies, like Starbucks and Burger King, urge their customers to personalise their customer experience by creating ‘signature’ drinks, or allowing hungry customers to have it their way? It’s because we all love a little one-on-one attention. Personalisation is persuasive.

Researchers have now begun to measure and put a value on personalisation. In one experiment with video games, a study in the Journal of Educational Psychology found that simple personalisation nearly doubled enjoyment of the game, with players nearly twice as likely to continue playing after the experiment concluded.  

According to the study, personalisation enhances our attention and enjoyment for two reasons:

  1. It increases motivation levels. By making things “obviously relevant”, people are willing to invest extra effort. This insight might be particularly useful if you are a gym or weight loss planner, for instance.
  2. It grabs attention. As Dale Carnegie wrote, “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” And once attention has been grabbed, it is far easier to influence behaviour.

The dynamic message function from VoodooSMS dramatically expands the possibilities of personalisation. It offers the ability to connect on a personal level, even with mass-market broadcast campaigns. It no longer takes significant resources to make customers feel special. In the digital world, you can offer an incredibly personalised service, at no additional cost. Are you taking full advantage?

Just how personalised can an SMS text get? Let’s look at a recent example from a VoodooSMS user:

Dear [Title] [First name] [Surname], your appointment on [Date] at [Time] with Dr. [Name] at the [name of venue] clinic is tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you!

Our users also choose to send birthday texts, tailored offers and Thank Yous. In fact, the only limit to how personalised you make your texts is your data.

What relevant data is available to you? How could you better personalise your customers’ journey? Let VoodooSMS heighten your customer’s experience with a personalised text campaign.

To discover how, contact VoodooSMS today on 0800 971 7111

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