Timing Your Marketing Campaigns Right

Timing Your Marketing Campaigns Right

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May 8, 2014

You must also be very careful about the timing that you send out the message in order to carry out effective mobile marketing.

A customers mobile is the only channel to reach people throughout their day but one of the most common ways to upset mobile database subscribers is the wrong timing of marketing text messages. Sharing a fast food coupon at 2 am will cause customers to unsubscribe, or texting a payment reminder at 4am, this isn’t something that will grab the customers attention in the right way! Surveys show that text message marketing is most effective during business hours i.e. 10am – 8pm whereas lifestyle oriented activities such as apps and web browsing always do a lot better in the evening.

Consider the given points to bring more flexibility to your marketing message timing.

  • Unless it’s a message or a reminder related to a specific date, Mondays show the lowest response. So avoid Mondays because no one likes being hassled when they are about to start the week.
  •     Avoid rush hours because text messages cannot be read during common rush hours.  
  •   Keep local time zones in mind and send your messages at the most impactful time.
  •  Send ongoing reminder messages at the time that best fits your goal like sending  horoscopes in the morning and high school football score alerts on Friday evenings.
  •     If you are not sure which time will drive the best ROI. Time test your text messages in rolling time zones and improve if required.  With Voodoo SMS you can carry out a successful SMS marketing campaigns with the perfect timing ensuring the best ROI.

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