Understanding the Customer Mindset

Understanding the Customer Mindset

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Oct 3, 2017

It is undeniable that the best way to gain new and keep existing customers/users subscribed to any type of marketing is to make sure that the content you send has actual value.

You have probably received the weather updates at the top of your Facebook feed that goes along the lines of “It’s cold and wet out today, make sure you wrap up warm.” This small note may make you think about what you are going to wear on that particular day and save you from being drenched and freezing. This is valuable information to you.

Some of you may have also noticed that if location is turned on when using your iPhone, when you get into your car after work it automatically tells you which is the quickest route to take home. Again this information is gladly received and we all thank Apple that it saved us from taking a route with an accident or roadworks.


The question is, how do you implement this kind of value into your SMS strategy?


  1. Segment your data properly:
    In the cases above, Facebook has a lot more information to go on at any one time than most businesses, and Apple has the advantage of knowing your location data to provide you with relevant information. The first step you will need to take is to get a good look at your data and see how you can segment it and assess what the best way to go about that would be. This is probably the most difficult part but is extremely effective.

  2. Empathise:
    Once your data is segmented and you have an idea of each different audience, you will need to empathise and try to put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. What will this particular individual most likely be doing at a certain time on a certain day?

  3. Providing value in your content:
    Once you have the above figured out, you will need to decide how you can add particular value for your segment. For example letting them know that it’s going to be chilly in the coming week and then offering a discount on jackets, or knowing that the football is on this Saturday so texting them the date and time of kick off and a 2 for 1 drinks voucher at your bar.


With the impending GDPR coming into force next year, gaining consent is going to get more difficult. Customers are much more likely to subscribe to SMS marketing if you provide them with added value and taking the above steps will certainly help you ensure that your customers get opted-in.

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