We can finally reveal the big news!

We can finally reveal the big news!

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Aug 17, 2016

For the past fortnight, VoodooSMS has had to sit on a big announcement: We have been awarded G-Cloud 8 Supplier status by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS).

It means we can provide our SMS services to the public sector. If you’re a school, health authority or government department, you can find VoodooSMS on the Digital Marketplace here

And all VoodooSMS customers benefit. To be awarded G-Cloud 8 supplier status, VoodooSMS had to prove an on-going commitment to cyber security, customer service and corporate responsibility. We’ve made a commitment and will be held accountable. It ensures that everyone receives an optimal level of service and value-for-money.

About G-Cloud 8:
G-Cloud8 is the latest version of the government’s G-Cloud initiative, designed to remove the long and costly tendering process that hinders many prospective vendors. It simplifies the process by allowing public sector organisations to procure specific cloud-based services through a list of pre-vetted suppliers.

How does this benefit our public sector clients? Schools wanting to send alerts, hospitals needing to send appointment reminders and councils wishing to communicate between colleagues can now access our services without having to wade through the traditional red tape and bureaucracy associated with public sector buying.

Even better, there’s no ‘two-tiering’ of our prices – we don’t charge an inflated rate to the already stretched public sector. We just made our already super-competitive pricing and brilliant features available to even more organisations.

As always, our talented in-house development team are capable of integrating with the systems that teams already use, and our UK-based account managers are always on hand to provide expert advice and guidance.

For more information about VoodooSMS and our Digital Marketplace service offer, please contact our G-Cloud Experts today on 0114 466 4466.

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