Webhooks Are Here

Webhooks Are Here

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Aug 19, 2020

We’re Here For You

We’ve been very fortunate that Coronavirus did not impact our ability to provide world-class support to our customers. We have remained fully operational during the pandemic, but we are happy to announce that we are back in our offices and are operating as usual. You can still contact us 24/7 for any support you may need. We would like to thank our customers for their patience and support during this pandemic.

New Feature: Webhooks

We’ve listened to our customers and brought webhooks to our portal. Webhooks send data to an end point (such as your internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system), this data can then be manipulated by the user. Our current webhook will allow you to see the delivery status of your send in almost real time. You can then use this information with your CRM, for example to update customer account status. We are working on adding more webhooks in the future, but if there is a webhook you need, please contact our support team  by emailing your request to support@voodoosms.com
For more information and guidance, please click here

Utilising SMS During Return to Work

As businesses reopen, SMS communication is more important than ever. No matter if you are manufacturing or marketing, your employees will need to hear from you.

Your employees need to be kept informed about changes to your business, such as social distancing rules, required PPE, shift rotas and changes. You may need to arrange a phased return to work schedule, using SMS will help prevent any confusion among staff. SMS has a 98% open rate, compared with just 20% for email. SMS are also opened and replied to quicker than email, 90 seconds compared with 90 minutes for email. Coronavirus updates are vital and can change quickly, which is why your business should use SMS for your employees returning to work.

How SMS Can Help Gyms Post Lockdown

A survey carried out by Sport England shows that 84% of those with a gym membership would like to continue using the gym when they reopen. 27% of people who did not already have a gym membership, said it was likely they would sign up for a membership after lockdown. As the research suggests, gyms are still in demand. So what does this have to do with SMS? Well, we have some ideas on how your gym/leisure business can use SMS post lockdown:

  • Communicate new opening times to customers
  • Inform your staff of new cleaning schedules and closed off areas
  • Tell your customers when areas are about to close for cleaning
  • Inform customers of social distancing rules and measures to keep them and your staff safe.
  • Use SMS to inform staff of work rotas

As lockdown eases and your staff and customers return, it is important to be prepared and provide great communication to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Are Your SMS GDPR Compliant?

If you send SMS marketing campaigns, it is important to ensure that your sends are GDPR compliant. Here are some tips to help:

  • Is there a clear opt-in for customers?
    You must ensure that your customers consent to receive SMS from you. Many websites choose to have opt-ins for each method of communication, such as a tick box for email, phone, and SMS.
  • Is there a clear opt-out?
    Messages should contain clear instructions on how to opt-out. Thankfully, we’ve made this one easy for you. Click here for a detailed guide on how to insert an opt-out into your message.
  • Are you a relevant party?
    SMS marketing must only be from pre-approved parties that are relevant/relative to the product or service that the customer opted in to. For example, if a customer opts into SMS marketing for a clothing website, they have not given consent to opt into another store’s or service’s marketing.

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