Why SMS Will Save Retail

Why SMS Will Save Retail

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Aug 24, 2017

For some time, retail stores have been stumped with the issue of engaging customers on a personal level when they are not physically in the store. In 2016, 22%* used mobile as their preferred shopping channel and this number is expected to grow year on year. Retails stores are increasingly finding themselves unable to compete with fast and efficient service but some may have found the answer.

Salesfloor (www.salesfloor.net) allows for users to shop directly online with store associates and receive the same level  of service as they would in the actual store. Created in 2013 and with Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Toys R Us and Harry Rosen on the books, the creators of this application may have found a solution to this ongoing problem.

The best part about the app is that store associates can use SMS to communicate directly and in real time with shoppers using the chat function. This means that the service is personal but also quick and easy without having to go to a store or trawl through an online store to try and find the perfect item. The feedback from consumers so far has been extremely positive, with some citing the ease of using SMS to communicate with a real store associate to find what they want in real time as being the best part.

As the dynamic between retail store and consumer changes with time, a more consumer-centric approach that utilises available technology must be embraced if stores expect to survive. As SMS is available on all devices, regardless what make or model then it is the ideal channel to use to engage shoppers.  

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