Why Use Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Why Use Mobile Marketing For Your Business

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Jan 17, 2014

One way of doing this is to send SMS alerts to your customers about upcoming events, or information of their delivery. One of the best ways to retain customers is through SMS marketing! If your business embraces Mobile Marketing then you know you are going to be one step ahead of rivals, as their is an evident  demand for SMS marketing. So, why should your business use mobile marketing.

  • With Mobile Marketing you can expect instant results. This is because people always have their mobile phone with them. Even if the mobile phone is switched off, the messages are received and read as soon as it is turned on. Therefore, SMS Marketing is almost instant, and has a much higher open rate compared to email marketing
  • SMS Marketing limits the content scope and therefore the information provided is concise and to the point, which grabs the reader’s attention more compared to long paragraphs that would be used in an email.
  • Mobile Marketing is direct marketing! You can personalised interaction and you can start a direct dialogue with the user with the help of immediate response through SMS.
  • You being the marketer can better analyze and understand the user behavior by tracking instant user responses to improve the standards of your service.
  • Since good information is invariably shared with friends and family, Mobile Marketing has huge viral potential. Companies get a lot more exposure without putting in their extra efforts.

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