Why Your Business Cant Afford To Ignore Mobile Marketing

Why Your Business Cant Afford To Ignore Mobile Marketing

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Feb 17, 2014

People turn to their mobiles for a number of reasons, many times a day. Even for completing a task that would be easier on a desktop or laptop as it’s just more convenient to pick up your phone. Here are three major benefits of SMS marketing which your business can’t afford to ignore.

  • Mobiles have the quickest response time of all of the direct marketing channels available. So why go for others? Successful SMS marketing leads to a successful business. Sending a bulk SMS about an offer to customers is very effective because the chance of getting a response is very high.

  • You only have to spend a few pence per text which will surely save you a lot and ultimately put a smile on the face of your finance director.

  • Time is money. It’s an often used phrase that business people quote in a conversation. Text message marketing will save you time which in turn will save you money. You don’t have to get into long conversations with the people marketing your brand or business. A properly planned text message does it all!

The list of benefits of SMS marketing is not just confined to these three points. There is much more about text message marketing. When there are billions of people using mobile phones everyday, businesses must make strategies for their particular audience. The Mobile Marketing Association says that sending an SMS is 5 times more likely to receive a response than direct mail. So why wait 5 times longer for a response via email? This will only cost you a lot of time and money which you would save with SMS marketing. Businesses ignoring this effective and quick marketing strategy will suffer while seeing their competitors succeed.

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