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Lowest Price in the UK

Thats right - Voodoo SMS provides a Bulk SMS solution for you, at the cheapest possible price. Our Price Match guarantee means that if you do happen to find a cheaper price for your Bulk SMS requirements, we'll match that price. In most cases we will beat the price too!

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    At Voodoo SMS we promise to always offer our customers the best prices possible.

  • Number of SMS Credit
    Purchased Between
    Old Price Price Per SMS? Price with
    Promo Offer
    1 9,999 3.30p 2.90p 1.93p
    10,000 24,999 3.20p
    25,000 49,999 3.10p 2.80p 1.87p
    50,000 99,999 3.00p 2.50p Call for best price
    100,000 249,999 2.90p 2.20p
    250,000 499,999 2.70p 2.00p
    500,000 999,999 2.50p 1.90p
    1,000,000+ + 2.20p 1.74p

    50% FREE!

    Purchase up to
    49,999 credits and
    we will add 50% FREE!

    Christmas OFFER on FIRST PURCHASE at Advertised Rates

    For 2-way messaging through our systems you will need a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) or a keyword on our shortcode.

    Inbound Number Set-up Cost Price Per Month ?
    Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number N/A £10
    Keyword on shared Shortcode N/A £5

    All prices are subject to VAT

    Your Data Security Is Very Important

    We understand that your data builds the foundations of your relationships, tailored communication and your business as a whole. In spite of our industry-low prices, our assurance to you is that we won't be beaten on the security of our portal. We have proved that we are unbeatable for online security and the protection of your precious data. Compare our security

    White Routes Only

    As for the quality of the routes we use, we only use White Routes, or Direct-Connect Routes. Which means that our routes are clean and only pass through the UK, whereas some cheaper Bulk SMS providers are likely to use Grey Routes which pass through low-security networks. Ultimately this is a huge security risk to your valuable information, and that of your customers.

    Low prices aren't the only thing we offer...

  • No Contract

    There are no contracts - ever.

  • No Subscriptions

    There are no subscriptions - you only pay for what you use!

  • No Expire

    Your credits never expire

  • 25 Free SMS

    All new customers get 25 free text messages

  • Account Manager

    You will have a dedicated UK account manager

    Voodoo SMS offers the combined most secure and cheapest service of its kind in the UK. Sign up for a free trial account now and try our service out first hand!

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