Getting Started

Get Started with the Voodoo SMS HTTP API! Our SMS API makes it easy to integrate SMS into your website, application or CRM system. A few simple lines of code is all it takes to add SMS functionality and send automated SMS alerts, notifications, marketing messages and more to your users.

  • On Send SMS>API SMS>HTTP API you are able to manage the current API username/passwords and create new.
  • To create a new username & password select + HTTP API CLIENT
  • API Name: This is a description of the API client using these details.
  • Default Country Code: You can default the country code if you are always sending to the same country, this will autocorrect any numbers to ensure that they are in the correct format, e.g. 07xxxxxxxx would become 447xxxxxxxxx if United Kingdom is selected.
  • Quiet Times: Enabling Quiet Times will ensure you do not send SMS to customers outside of specified hours. This can be configured via the portal in Settings>Quiet Times>API Quiet Times.
  • IP Address Security: API can be configured to only work from specific IP addresses. This feature is provided for added security, for clients on fixed IP addresses, and can be disabled if required.
  • Truncate Sender ID: Truncate SenderID can be used to automatically remove any extra characters over the maximum 11 characters permitted for the Sender ID. e.g. MyLongSenderID would be truncated to MyLongSende
  • Auto Remove Invalid Characters: Switching on this feature will allow the Portal to remove any special characters which are not permitted to be sent from any SMS sent via the API.

Our SMS API features

Our HTTP SMS API is built from the ground up to provide as many useful features to your business as possible. Some of these features include:

  • Send and receive SMS online using our SMS gateway and shortcode or your Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)
  • Get status alerts for each SMS, letting you check delivery for individual messages and mass text broadcasts
  • Auto-save your new contacts to a monthly list for SMS remarketing and follow-up text messages
  • Receive detailed SMS delivery reports documenting your SMS marketing campaign’s send rate, response rate and other important performance metrics
  • Fund your campaign using our volume-based pricing system, with costs as low as 1.74p per credit for bulk SMS campaigns

SMS Extensions

Easily integrate with our powerful pre-loaded eCommerce modules available.

Our SMS API Pricing

Voodoo SMS API uses the same pricing system as our standard SMS gateway service. Our API has no hidden charges, contracts or minimum amounts; letting you fund your account for a single text message or a large-scale campaign, depending on your specific needs.

Bespoke API Calls

Looking for something different? You’re in luck! We are a team of developers, not resellers. This means that we will accommodate almost any suggestions for bespoke API integration, and we are likely to be able to go ahead and do it! We have had all sorts, so get in touch and ask us how we can help with your API needs.