SMS & E-Commerce

SMS & E-Commerce

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Jul 19, 2018

SMS and E-Commerce


Prime-Day has been and gone and if nothing it highlights the how much online shopping and ECommerce has grown over the last few years. Everyone has an online shop nowadays, doing business over the internet is now the norm rather than the exception and it continues to grow exponentially.

For many consumers, shopping online rather than in a bricks and mortar store is preferable and this makes the potential for SMS e-commerce solutions to grow your business insanely high.

Customer engagement via an SMS messaging service can work in a variety of ways. It’s essentially limited by your imagination but some examples of what you could send are:

  • Confirm online orders
  • Order status updates
  • Service update (‘Our platform is down for maintenance)
  • Promote specials
  • Send delivery updates (or inform customers that their order is in-store)
  • Utilise social media links
  • Advise customers of pending service arrival or deliveries
  • Send payment reminders
  • Encourage feedback

The above list is just a simple idea of what you could use SMS for. More advanced campaigns could easily be implemented limited only by your knowledge of your customer’s needs and your ingenuity.

Having SMS e-commerce solutions is an extremely valuable and flexible tool to support and grow your online business. A well-aimed and thought out SMS campaign which offers more of what customers want, can massively boost your revenue and customer loyalty, as long as it is done correctly.

We here at Voodoo SMS have thought ahead and have integrated our API with several ECommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce and many more. These extensions provide seamless integration between our SMS platform and your online shopping platform. ‘But my shopping platform is not on the list of extensions.’ I hear you say, well fear not you can integrate with our easy to use REST-ful API code and integrate your system with ours.

We all know that online shopping is becoming more and more predominant, so get a leg up on your competitors, get your message in front of your customers/potential customers the quickest and easiest way possible, SMS.

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