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Our new API is live!

Our new API is now available to use. We have improved the methods that you are familiar with, offering you a clearer understanding of what each property can do and a more detailed response from each call.

The old API is still fully functioning and support for this will not end.

We are also introducing API Keys which are used to access the API methods and improve the security around using the API.

Click here to see the new Developer page.

Click here to read our new Developer Documentation.

Email to SMS

With EmailtoSMS.net, sending a text message from an email address is simple. We simply convert your email into a text message and deliver it. It's that easy!

Before you can use EmailtoSMS.net you must make sure you have the following:


1. A registered account at www.voodooSMS.com
2. Credits in you account (every Trial account receives 25 free Credits)
3. You must have added the email addresses that will be using EmailtoSMS.net to your account here




This is who is sending the email and this must be added in your Voodoo SMS Account



‘This is who the message should be sent to. You can send to multiple numbers by separating with a comma, and even send the same message to email addresses at the same time!



This is the Sender ID who the message appears from. A Sender ID must be greater than 4 characters. You can use up to 11 alphanumeric characters. Please note that some networks accept spaces whilst others do not and will remove them. Using the number '3' in a Sender ID requires registration - please contact your Account Manager to discuss this.


New Order Received

This text message goes here; it is limited to 160 characters. We'll then forward it to the mobile you entered!

Advanced Features

You can enable the advanced features by logging into your account and going to Send SMS > Email to SMS and clicking Manage this email next to your address. A pop-up box will open and click on Show Advanced Features

Quiet times

Quiet times allows you to specify if you'd like to only send your messages during a specific time period. This is available on our Send SMS feature as well.

Truncate Sender ID

A sender ID can only be 11 alphanumerical characters. Truncating the sender ID will allow you to add more than 11 characters to the subject field, but will shorten it back to 11 characters so the message will still go through and not error.

For example, a Sender ID of MyAwesomeCompanyLtd would come through as MyAwesomeCo

Replace Sender ID

Replacing the Sender ID sets a default Sender ID for all messages sent. This will replace anything you add yourself to the Subject Sender ID field. This cannot be used if Truncate Sender ID is enabled.

Alternative Failure Email

By default, all message failures will be emailed to your registered account. Here you can add an alternative email address to get them sent to. This would be useful if your registered email is not monitored or your Tech team need to know about failures

End of SMS Marker

Here you can specify where you'd like your email message to be cut off. You can assign a marker to your email body and all text after this marker will not be added to your message

By default, the marker is ## but this can be changed to anything you want - maximum of 10 characters.

A great example of using this would be to remove email footers. Place the marker before your email footer and you don't risk sending out longer SMS than you want to (saving credits)

Truncate Body

Truncating the body of the message means that you can allow it so only a message of 160 characters (1 credit) can be used. You may also allow it so you can only send messages that are 160 characters or less - otherwise, the message will be rejected.